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About Sensoryphile


Sensoryphile designs, installs and maintains whole house audio, video and control systems.  The right equipment, the right placement and the right controls tailored to fit each client's unique space-that is what we provide.  We maintain our installations with superior service.  We have been doing this for over 25 years.

Goethe called architecture "frozen music".  We at Sensoryphile agree.  For this reason we will work closely with your architect and builder to integrate the system we install into your overall design to be sure it complements, not overwhelms, your vision.  We strive to keep the function of our systems center stage and let the equipment itself work quietly in the background.

We believe that your system should be easy to use.   Music, movies, lights-they should be quickly accessible with a tap, click or push of a button.  Many of our clients have homes in The Hamptons that are used seasonally.  We work to make our systems as simple to use on Memorial Day as they are on Labor Day, as simple for the one time guest as it is for the primary users.  We work, our clients enjoy.

We are a collection of professionals working together to bring our clients the best in audio, video and control systems and service.  Dave, our head wiring guru, has been installing the "bones" of our systems for over 20 years.  Shannon and Tom, major players in our in-house Crestron programming team, bring the best of their computer skills and training to the table to design simple and effective control systems.   John Lovett and Gil McManus, long time members of the Sensoryphile team, became partners with founder Greg Garland in 2007.  The other members of our discrete and capable staff are the best of the best.  We take pride in our work and it shows in our systems.


System installation is only a part of what we do.  Service and a long-term relationship with our clients is a big part of our success in this field.  Beyond creating a system we maintain it, responding quickly and effectively to our client's concerns and requests.


In 1982 when everyone had Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album on his or her turntable and New Yorkers went to Crazy Eddies to buy stereo equipment, founder Greg Garland created Sensoryphile.  In the years that followed Greg's vision, born from an interest in music, Sensoryphile evolved into the full service, complete design shop our company is today. 


We look forward to working with you.

Shannon Stimpson, Gil McManus
Owners, Sensoryphile, Inc.

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